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Here you can follow me on my journey toward the world elite in the world's greatest sport: golf! Under "About Me" you can read about me and my ambitions. I will be posting blog posts regularly where I update the reader on what is going on in my life, how practice is going, how tournaments are going and my thoughts on what has led me to various situations and outcomes, what is coming up in the future, and a lot of other information. I will post my tournament schedule, which you can find under "Schedule", and pictures to "Gallery". Under "Home" you will find "News" where I will announce anything new that has been added to the website and brief news.
I am willing to work hard to get to where I want to be, and I look forward to share this journey with you!
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! All my contact information can be found under "Contact".



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  • 08.05.2018 16:36

    Häftig Upplevelse i Spanien, Nu Väntar Tävlingssäsongen

    Nu är det inte långt kvar av tiden i El Rompido, Spanien, och tävlingssäsongen börjar skymta i periferin. Under vintern har jag fokuserat enormt mycket på tekniska detaljer både i närspelet och i svingen, något som jag kände efter förra säsongen var absolut nödvändigt. Höften strulade mycket och...

  • 01.04.2018 11:21

    As One Season is Nearing a Close, Another is Closing in

    I have now been in Spain, working for the Swedish golf travel agency Golf Plaisir since September. During my time here I have met many interesting people with different backgrounds and different reasons for playing this wonderful game. Some love practicing, many appreciate the closeness to nature,...

  • 10.12.2017 21:42

    Ho-ho-ho, Christmas is Closing in at El Rompido Golf Resort

    Now winter has come to the southern part of Spain too. In the mornings it's been pretty cold lately, not compared to Sweden though of course. I am enjoying being down here, having the possibility to practice golf and work out at the gym any time I am free. But as Christmas comes closer, I cant help...

  • 13.10.2017 22:54

    A Very Wet Q-School and a Very Sunny El Rompido

    After a short "visit" back home in Sweden I have now arrived back in El Rompido, Spain, again. I first arrived in El Rompido on September 19th and I stayed for eleven days before going back to play in the Nordic Golf League qualifier. I was very happy to see how wonderful and welcoming everyone was...

  • 08.09.2017 11:16

    Spain will be My Winter Home

    Tournament season is coming to an end. It has been a tough season mentally, and I've been struggling with my thought processes, decision making, and trust in my own game. I have also struggled to enjoy the game of golf in periods throughout the year. I have gotten tired of always having to fight so...

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Recieving my Individual Medalist Award at The Cardinal Intercollegiate


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