Patric Sundlöf

Age: 26
Home Club: Botkyrka GK
Hometown: Tullinge, Sweden
Family: Mother Helena, father Ulrich, younger brothers Marcus, Rickard and Henric and fiancée Ellinor.
Golf Coach: Martin Wiklund
Favorite golf memory: Winning the local stage of the US Open Qualifier in 2014 shooting a 4-under 68, and getting to play the second stage in a group with David Lipsky and Vince India. 
At age seven I started playing golf at my current home club, Botkyrka Golf Club. I've always been a big sports fan and I started playing both tennis and ice-hockey before taking up golf. I've also played soccer and floorball, but my big passions leading up to high-school were golf and ice-hockey. In 2008 I decided to put all my focus on golf after being selected as one of three male golfers my age to attend the national golf high-school Celsiusskolan, and thus I quit playing ice-hockey.
My golfing career started after I won FSB Cup (now Skandia Cup), which is basically the Swedish Championships for 13-, 14-, 15-, and 16-year-olds respectively, in 2005. Before that I didn't realize that I had potential in this sport, and I thought of myself mainly as an ice-hockey player. Since then my golf has improved at a steady rate and I have represented Sweden at several national junior events, including European Team Championship qualification in Estonia 2010 and Harder German Junior Masters in 2010.
After three of the best years of my life at Celsiusskolan I decided to try my luck in the United States. In the fall of 2011 I started my freshman (first) year at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. I enjoyed my time there and I saw my game improving even more. It was a very valuable time where I had to learn how to improve and practice on my own, without seeing my coach back home over long periods of time. After two years at Shorter University I decided to transfer to a bigger school and ended up at Eastern Kentucky University where I studied and played golf for two years before graduating the spring of 2015. I was named to the all OVC-team both years at EKU. I graduated from EKU with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration - General Business.
My four years in the US have been very rewarding, not only for golf, but also on a more personal plane. I've met people from around the world and have made many new friends. It has also been very valuable for me to move away from home and take responsibility for myself. 
Now, I am once again back in Sweden, and in the beginning of July 2015 a new adventure started for me: I turned pro and became a member of the Swedish PGA. This was a first step for me toward my big dream - to be able to answer the question "What do you do for a living?" with "I play golf".


  • Winner US Open Local Qualifier 2014
  • Represented Swedish Golf Team in European Team Championship Qualifier 2010
  • Winner Skandia Cup 2005
  • Winner Cardinal Intercollegiate 2014
  • Winner Stockholm District Championship 2014
  • SSAC Freshman Golfer of the year 2012
  • SSAC All Conference Team 2012
  • OVC All Conference Team 2014 & 2015


Patric Sundlöf

Sweden#: +46707535499
US#: +18593141625

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