Twelve Tournament Rounds in 18 days, Not Bad!

28.07.2017 21:23

Hi everybody, long time since I wrote something on here. The last couple of weeks have been non-stop tournaments and travelling back and forth, a lot of time spent in the car in other words. I've been putting smaller updates on my instagram page  while I've been on the road. 

Since I got home from the US almost three weeks ago, I have played in four tournaments plus a three day event with my club team Botkyrka Golf Club. To summerize, I have played 216 competitive holes in 18 days, plus prepared for tournament play on each of the courses within this time. I still haven't quite found my game technically, but mentally I am on my way back. I am enjoying playing these tournaments, and I am looking forward to work on my game on the practice area. This is the first step I feel like. Also, my back has not been bothering me for the past month at all which I am very excited about. To accomplish this I have stopped running and working out my legs completely just to see if it would make a difference. I also never carry my bag anymore, but use a push cart. Now I have started doing some leg exercises again, but without any weights and jerking movements. I have also been using kinesiology tape, and it seems to have helped too.

Stockholm Golf Club

Like I said, I still have a bit of work left before I will be where I want to be with my swing, but enjoying the game again is a huge step in the right direction. In each of the tournaments I have played after coming home from the US, my focus has been a lot better, and I am letting my body decide what to do a bit more, rather than just trying to think my way around the course logically. I still need to do this better though so I will keep working on it. Since I haven't gotten a period of good practice since I got back, but mostly travelled back and forth to tournaments, the upcoming few days before my next tournament will be really good for me. I'll be able to work on my foundations for a bit and on the things I have been lacking in over tha past weeks. Today I was actually hitting the ball really solid on the driving range. I have been coming way too much from the inside, especially in my latest tournament where I started hitting huge draws, even with my short irons. So, today I worked on getting my swing path straighter, and the results were exactly what I wanted them to be. Tomorrow I will go back out there and work on it more, and play a few holes to get it working out where it counts as well.

The really good scores haven't come yet, but they are showing signs. In the national club team tournament I participated in I managed to shoot 69 in my first single, and at my last tournament I was -2 through 10 holes on the second day, but I lost control on my long game on the back nine. 

In the Monday qualifier for the Challenge Tour event at Katrineholm I actually played pretty well both off the tee and on my approach shots. I had a lot of good birdie opportunities, but something really weird happened. I am used to making putts left and right, and that is why I can usually have a bad day with my longer game and still make a decent score. At the qualifier, however, my putts did not drop! I hit them all really well, they just rolled over the edges of the cups, every single time. The lone birdie of the day came when I made a chip on hole 15. A very unusual day, but I was happy with the way I played.

I would also like to ask everyone who don't have anything on their calendars on August 10th to consider playing in mine and Ellinor's tournament at Botkyrka Golf Club. There are plenty of spots open. There will be a tee off around 12, followed by dinner at the club's restaurant. Both dinner and greenfees are included for the price of 1000kr. 



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