Body Not Cooperating, Withdrawing from Tomorrow's Tournament

23.04.2017 14:30

About ten days ago my left pelvis started to bother me a little bit while I was practicing. The pain wasn't too bad, and I figured that as long as I work out, stretch and foam roll I will be fine and it will go away. I was wrong. Today I withdrew from my tournament at Ritz-Carlton Members Club that I was supposed to play in tomorrow. I've had problems with my pelvis (both left and right) off and on for the last five years, and it is hard to cope with and to know what to do about it. Two days ago I saw a personal trainer who gave me some exercises that will probably help in the long run, but they won't relieve my pain now. Yesterday I went to get a massage, and if anything it got worse. Now I'm debating on whether or not I should see a chiropractor and just let him/her crack my whole body into place since I really need my body to come together so that I can practice for the US Open qualifier on May 8th. 

Now, my first step is to figure out a plan how to get the body working with me again. Until then, the physical golf itself will have to be a second priority. I did some short-game practice yesterday, and after about two hours I was limping pretty heavily. So at this moment I feel like I should focus a lot more on what I can do physically to help my body recover, rather than push it even more on the golf course. It sucks, because I'm in Florida so that I can play golf, but listening to the body is a lot more important, and I have to respect that, even though it will make my next few weeks less enjoyable and fun. 

Now is a time that I need to stay strong and focus on my long-term goals rather than short-term goals. I can't always do what's most fun at the moment, so now I have to stay focused on what I really want to accomplish, and I have to do what I think is the right thing to do to get there. 



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