Finally, Hello Florida!

06.03.2017 15:51

Last night I finally reached US soil again and I couldn't be more motivated to get the season started. The flight went really well and except for some delay from Stockholm everything went as expected. Now I am sitting in my younger brother, Marcus, and his roommate Christian's apartment in Daytona. Soon it is time to do some working out, and this afternoon I will hit my first balls outside of the year. I probably won't play anything on the course today, but I might choose tomorrow for my first 65 of the year.

As far as for working out, I have felt that my recent practice with Martin Taipale at 1080 Athletic Lab has been a really good change for my body, and I will continue to work with Martin. I met with Martin, who specializes in golf and tennis and has excellent knowledge of the body functions, just before leaving and got some new things to work on. So, I'll be going all-in on that part now. I'm really excited about it since the last excercises I recieved from him have paid off well already, and I can feel my body is cooperating more than it has been in a long time. 

Before leaving, I also saw my golf trainer, Martin Wiklund again. We clarified some things in my swing techniques so I won't even think about second-guessing what I'm working on while over here. We also discussed what my purpose with this whole trip is. I won't write everything I want to achieve during my time here, but one big thing I'll be working on is taking clear decisions (both on and off the course), and then just let go and do it. Sometimes the decisions will be wrong, but as long as I truly believe in them I will never regret them. This is one thing that I have to be able to do to reach my full potential. 

Now I have some working out to do. Stay updated!




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