First English Blog Post and New Website Design

15.11.2016 22:13

Recently I have decided to make some changes to my website. Firstly, I have changed the design and made it look more alive since the old design looked a little lifeless. Secondly, I will from this moment only write in English on my website. This is an effort to involve more non-Swedish spoken people in my journey. This makes a lot of sense to me since I have many non-Swedish connections since my time in the US, and, furthermore, I am looking to return to the US as soon as the spring of 2017 to kick off the next season. I will stay in Florida from the beginning of March until late May or early June. My stay there will be highlighted by the US Open qualifier in May. I also plan to return to the US in the fall for the Tour qualifier. 

I will write a new post about what is going on during off season in the days to come so keep your eyes open!



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