First Tournament Only a Few Days Away...

16.01.2017 19:37

...Is what I would like the header to read. Unfortunately I will have to wait for a while longer for the season kick-off. There is not much to report about at this time. However, there are a few things that have happened in the last couple of weeks. 

Shortly after new years eve I got a new flexibility and strength program from a physical trainer specializing in golf. It is meant to increase and balance my functional movement, strength and flexibility. It was revealed that my rotational movements came mostly from my hips since the flexibility of my shoulders, feet and calves is lacking. This puts extra pressure on my hips and could be a reason that they have been troubling me the past couple of years. Since I have tried many things focusing on the hips themselves, I am very excited about following a program that will increase my functional movement and flexibility in other body parts that could be the root to my problems. So far the exercises are going well and my hips have not been hurting since I started doing them. It is still too early to say if they actually are helping my hip, but either way I am sure that they will help my golf.

Performing one of the new exercises

Also, on the 11th of January I turned 25 and because of that we first had dinner in the city on the day of. It was me, my parents, my fiancée, and my grandma. It was a great restaurant called Kristall. Later on, in the weekend we had a little gettogether at our house with some family. I also got to see one of my very best friends who came to see me during the weekend, Erik. Even though golf is extremely fun, lets you travel the world, and is a great way to be close to nature, it does have its backsides. Since it takes up a lot of your time you don't have much of a social life. Most of the people I call friends are either in other countries or are themselves golfers (most of which live far away from where I live). Taking this into consideration you really have to take the chances you get to meet your friends, and I am very happy that Erik took time this weekend to come see me. We had a great time catching up, looking at old videos from highschool, and even going to one of Erik's favorite bands playing live in Stockholm. My fiancée also came with us to the live-band, though neither one of us could really appreciate it fully since it was not our kind of music. However, we did appreciate trying something different and the athmosphere which was amazing. 

Five year old picture of me and Erik in our high school glory days.
Had a great time watching these pictures.

My fiancée has also come to visit me a lot since new years. I love when we get to spend time together, and in less than a month she is flying out to the US to prepare for her season on the Symetra Tour, so we have to take our chances to see each other too, even though I will see her some once I fly over to the US in March. She has recently created her own website where you can follow her everyday life as well as her career. She is a great golfer, and above all a great person, so go check her website out at It is very nice and I am a little jealous of it to be honest. 

Inside practice last week

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