Flight booked, work almost over... and colonoscopy

19.02.2017 19:58

March fifth and my departure to Florida is getting closer. I will fly in to Fort Lauderdale and my wonderful younger brother told me that he will come all the way from Daytona to pick me up. I will then stay with him and his Swedish room mate for about two weeks. However, I still have a little over a week left of work. I will miss all the kids for sure, but I am of course very happy to be able to travel to a warmer place so that I can get he season started. I am so ready to see the ball fly towards a flag and hit them off actual grass. 

I will miss work, as well as practice, tomorrow. During the last week I have basically been eating rice cakes, smoothies, bananas, chicken and fish. Today I've been eating soup and a smoothie, and tomorrow I will not be eating at all until after 15.00, because guess what... I have the great honor of doing a colonoscopy tomorrow afternoon. I am lucky though that I get to do it before going to the US, since my stomach hasn't been well in a long time. For those of you who don't know, I am suffering from an intestine disease, called ulcerative colitis. This disease makes me have to think twice about what I eat, and the tricky part is that I don't know for sure what does and doesn't work. I am taking medicin that helps neutralize my stomach, but it doesn't help quiet as well as I would hope it to. So hopefully I will get some answers and good hints on how to make things better.
Over the past couple of weeks I have, amongst other things, met with my trainer/coach Martin Wiklund. It was good seeing him, and except for working some of the same swing details as last time, we also worked on chipping. At the end I was hitting them really well, so now I will be looking at improving consistency in the short shots. 
In the beginning of February the whole family (except, of course, Marcus) gathered in Köping, where Rickard lives, to celebrate Rickard, Henric, and dad who all had their birthdays 7th and 4th of February respectively. It was a good few days and it is always great fun to see my brothers again. We also watched Rickard play an ice-hockey game, which they unforunately lost in overime. Rickard and his line, however, played really well and we got to see a goal from Rickard's club. I got to see Rickard and his girlfriend, Amanda, again yesterday when me, Ellinor and Eric met up with them for a game of bowling. I was completely superior, of course.
And practice has obviously been a natural part of my everyday activities. I've been hitting mostly in Haninge Golfhall, where I've also been doing a lot of short putting practice. Last time I went there I set out to make 20 3-footers (90cm) in a row. I made it but decided to keep on going to see how far I could go. I ended up making 100 in a row before ending the exercise, my vision was almost double since I hit every putt with my full routine which I think is important for the exercise to be as effective as can be. 
Yesterday, I hit outdoors at my girlfriend's home course driving range, and it was extremely slippery. The whole ground was covered in ice and frost and it was hard to keep the balance on point. It was a little fun though, even though it felt more like ice with some grass on it then the other way around. 
I was trying to upload some pictures, but I guess I have to do that a little later since my new computer isn't really cooperating. However, you can always visit my instagram account or facebook if you want to see some visual updates. 
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