Ho-ho-ho, Christmas is Closing in at El Rompido Golf Resort

10.12.2017 21:42

Now winter has come to the southern part of Spain too. In the mornings it's been pretty cold lately, not compared to Sweden though of course. I am enjoying being down here, having the possibility to practice golf and work out at the gym any time I am free. But as Christmas comes closer, I cant help but feel a little sad that I'm not going to spend it together with my family. I've made my choice though so I can't complain about it, but I still wish I could go home just for 2-3 days over Christmas. I've done what I can to get some Christmas feeling in my apartment. I've got a small Christmas tree, a few scented candles and a Christmas plant.  

Christmas tree on my room


I also have gingerbread, saffron buns, and glögg which Ellinor brought with her when she visited me for a few days in the end of November. She surprised me one night with having prepared a small evening advent celebration. My mother also came on a short visit. It was supposed to be for three days, but her stay got cut short by one night since her flight was cancelled and she had to stay a night in Zurich. The days while my mom was here were slightly different from the days that Ellinor spent here. While my mom and I went to the Columbus museum, saw the village, and went shopping, me and Ellinor mostly played golf every day (except for when I had to work obviously). They both stayed for a very short time, but now I'm looking forward to new years because Ellinor will then be staying for two weeks.

The Advent celebration "fika"



Like I said, I really do like it here. The people working at the resort are very friendly and treat me like their own staff. It's been a few very tough weeks though this fall since there has been a lot of changes made as to who I'm working with. Now, however, the permanent replacement for the first golf host is finally here and he will stay until May 20th, just like me. He is the third colleague I've had since I got here, so the workload should now be reduced by a lot. Also, our destination has gone into low-season so we don't have as many guests coming as we did three weeks ago.


One of the things I do here is act as a teaching professional to our guests. This has been a great experience for me and I'm enjoying it very much. Not only do I teach the guests new things, but I have discovered that my own understanding for both teaching and actually playing the game myself has gotten a lot better. I have a clearer picture of what needs to be done with my swing technically for me to be competitive at the level I know I can be at. Unfortunately my hip has started bothering me a bit lately, limiting the movement in my rotations and affecting my swing. Tomorrow, Monday, I am going to see a local physical therapist about it, and he should be able to help me correct things. The good thing is that even though I can feel that my pelvis is in a lock, it doesn't hurt as much as it has done before. I believe this is because of my intense workout routine. I work out at the gym five times a week now during off season to give myself the chance to have a body that can last for the whole next season. In addition to this, I do a few exercises every night on my room.

Me and two of my prodigies on the course


Now, since we don't have that many guests at the moment, the next couple of weeks will be full of practice, playing, and working out. I am looking forward to seeing the physical therapist tomorrow, and get my hip squared away and ready to go again.



I will be working here at El Rompido Golf Resort until the 20th of May, so during that period I won't be playing any tournaments as of right now. There is a Pro Am I want to play on Costa del Sol in the southeast of Spain in April. The problem is that I don't have a team, which I need to participate. So if anyone reading this is interested in coming to Spain in April and playing an exclusive tournament with me, you can check it out on this link: https://pgexperienceproam.com/

My schedule for next year will be published on here as soon as the official tour schedule is released.



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