I don't know what we would have done without our new Florida family!

30.03.2017 17:30

What is going on here? Since we got here we have had multiple setbacks, most of which have been manageable and not too hard to handle. However, a week ago me and Ellinor picked up a car that she had purchased, and we left Daytona Beach, my brother, and Christian to travel to Fort Myers where we were going to stay until I go back to Sweden. However, the first time we fueled up the car, it would only accept a few gallons (around 15 litres). We thought this was pretty odd and thought there was something wrong with the pump at the gas station. However, after only a kilometre or two the car started hesitating and jerking. It got worse so we pulled over and called the person we had bought it from to ask for advice. This brought us to an auto store where we bought some enhancers for the fuel system. The car kept on jerking and hesitating, so we decided to call Ellinor's host family from a college tournament in Florida, since they were one hour closer to where we were, and we didn't feel entirely secure in the car. Both me and Ellinor are very badly educated when it comes to cars (even though my father has tried to tell me how certain things work since he is very interested in car mechanics). Fortunately, they were at home and took us in. The following day we saw a mechanic who said that we should leave the car at a Ford dealership (since it was a Ford). On our way over to the dealership, the car started leaking gas, and then it died on us, three times! We finally stopped and got the car towed the last bit, because we didn't feel safe driving a car that was leeking gas. Since that day the car has been sitting over there, until yesterday when they contacted us saying that they found nothing wrong with the car. So, we went to pick up the car, thinking that we finally had a means of transportation on our own again. I should also mention that we were going to pick up Ellinor's friend Alison at the Fort Myers airport yesterday night. The first thing we did after picking the car up was to fill it up with gas. We got past one red light, and then the car died, right outside the Ford dealership. So they took the car back in, and then they said that they thought they knew what was wrong with it. We are expecting them to call us anytime now and let us know what they have found. 

In the midst of all this, we have been very lucky! Ellinor's previous host family, John and Marcie, have been amazing. Not only have they given us roof over our heads, they have also made sure that we have been able to practice golf at their courses (and they are excellent courses in great condition too), they have lended us one of their cars to get places, they have fed us, they have taken us to the movies, and they have let us play with their cute dogs. They have treated us as if we were their own children, and we are so fortunate to have such amazing friends that are willing to help us out in times like this. 


The golf itself hasn't suffered too much even though we have been having all these issues (mostly thanks to John and Marcie obviously). We have had the opportunity to practice everyday, and that we have. We have played each of the three courses here once, one of which is the course where I will play my first tournament over here on the 10th of April. I am looking really much forward to that since it's an amazing course in amazing shape. 


Hopefully we can have our car fixed by tomorrow and head down to Fort Myers. Not that I don't like it here (I love it here), but we can't be bothering John and Marcie during our whole trip. And Fort Myers isn't bad either. We will be staying in an amazing apartment (belonging to my fathers cousin and his wife) only 15 minutes from beautiful Fort Myers beach. And at their country club they have the most amazing Sunday brunches, so I'm really looking forward to that.

If you want more updates you can follow me on instagram (sundlof_golfprofessional) where I post shorter comments about what is going on and some pictures.



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