Home in Sweden, Monday Qualifier on, well, Monday

13.05.2017 21:23

I did not reach my highest level of play in the US Open Qualifier last Monday. I hit my irons okay, and my putting was outstanding. Unfortunately, I was quite a bit off from the tee box. Even though I hung in there thanks to amazing putting, I just could not shoot a low score from where I was after the tee shots. I ended up shooting a 77, but at least I finished on a good note with birdie, after hitting a seven-iron to half a meter. Ellinor caddied for me, and mine and Ellinor's amazing American family where out watching me. On the way back Ellinor made me feel better, stating that the only thing really missing were the tee shots. Prior to her saying that, I had felt quite overwhelmed by my poor performance, and I did not know what to think about it. She gave me some perspective, and it seemed my other three supporters agreed with her statement. 

The following day I left the US. My final day in Florida contained going to car shops with Ellinor since the newly bought Ford was acting up again, lighting up some disco lights on the dashboard. I won't go over all details regarding the car, but long story short, the dealer we bought the car from played us and sold us a car that he had probably found in a junk yard, changed the odometer on, and glued together with Walmart super glue. Anyway, except for the car, the adventure in Florida has been a very good one. I have to thank Marcie and John who have taken care of us when we have had trouble taking care of ourselves. Jeff and Dottie, their neighbors, have also been amazing and I am glad to have met so many new great friends during our trip. We have met plenty of amazing people there, and we are very fortunate.

Now I am once agin home in cold Sweden. I met with my swing coach yesterday, and we got some things squared away in my swing and we had a good talk. Today me and my mother drove down to Barsebäck to prepare for the Nordea Masters qualifier on Monday, in which she will caddie for me. With me I bring a newly found confidence, and a new driver. Now we are watching the Eurovision Song Contest, and tomorrow morning it is time for a practice round. Monday at 13.50 is my qualifying tee time.



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