House Break-In, Hospital Visits, and Golf Of Course

28.11.2016 20:39

This past week has been one of the biggest rollercoasters so far in my life. Firstly, my much beloved granddad has not been doing well, and he has been assigned to hospital treatment. I have been there to visit him a few days this past week, and on Sunday we celebrated my mother's and her brother's birthday at the hospital. If there is one good thing to come out of this, it is that the communication on my mother's side of the family has become very frequent, and we usually see each other as many times in a year as we have last week. 

To make things more "interesting", one day when I came home from the gym, I felt that it was pretty chilly on our bottom floor. I figured my parents had forgottem to shut a window, so I went into their bedroom to check. There I found that the corner window had been completely removed, and the room had been turned upside down by a burglar. It was a really uneasy feeling, knowing someone had been in your house (and possibly could still be). Three police officers came home to us that same night to gather information on the burglary, and the next day forensic investigators came to the crime scene, though without finding any leads. 

The burglars left a real mess on my parents bed

But like I said, it has been a rollercoaster week, and everything wasn't bad. I realized this week that I appreciated the little things more. For instance, my brother Rickard came home for about 24 hours together with his girlfriend Amanda. We sat on the couch in our livingroom together with our parents, just talking about everything and nothing. I really enjoyed that and felt happy being able to spend a night just talking and enjoying ourselves. Also, I've been to the driving range in Årsta a few times this week, and even to Botkyrka to practice wedges on Saturday when it was really "warm" (7 degrees Celsius). I find it very relaxing going out to hit balls, and it is a good way to clear my head after a day at work. The last two days the snow has come back in plenty, but it is still possible to hit balls in the heated booths. 

The driving range in Årsta

Finally, my week at work has been very good, and I really enjoy working there. The colleagues are great and the kids are awesome! Now, a new week has started, and tomorrow I will join my colleagues at a Christmas dinner after work. 



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