Off Season Activities and Plans For the Spring

17.11.2016 20:23

Recently my golf free period came to an end. I will now be practicing at Årsta Golf after I finish at work. Årsta Golf have a lighted driving range and booths with heating where I will be standing most days since it's pretty cold right now. The golf free period has been very good for me, and I am really excited about picking up my clubs again and get to work again. 

At the moment I am working a full-time job at a kindergarten five minutes away from my home. I will be working there throughout February, before going to Florida in early March. Working there is essential to be able to finance the next season, and it will give me a little cushion going in to the season of 2017. But I also really enjoy working with the kids. They are so down to earth, and it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be in a bad mood when leaving after a day at work. 

In the past month I have been doing a lot of working out, focusing especially on legs since my time-to-time injured hips seem to function a lot better and hurt much less when I do heavy squats in particular. I have also been doing a lot of planning for next season, and I have a pretty good idea what it's going to look like. In short, I will spend about three months in the US, in Florida to be a little more specific, from the beginning of March until late May or early June. It will initially mostly be a practice camp, but I will keep my eyes open for some monday qualifiers in the surrounding areas. In May I will play the US Open qualifier. I don't know yet at what location. This trip I will do together with my fiancée, Ellinor, at least initially. In April she will start playing some tournaments on the Symetra Tour, and maybe I'll caddie for her since some of the opening tournaments are in Florida. After my trip in the US, I'll fly back home to Sweden to practice and play the regular season tournaments there. And in the fall, I'll fly back to the US to play the Tour qualifying tournament. So that is my rough plan as of right now. At the moment me and Ellinor are trying to find a golf club close to Fort Myers where we can practice and play and kind of use as a base during our time there. 

I will try my best to post here about once a week even during off season, since that is too a big part of my life and my journey. So until next time!



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