Report from Torshälla Open

05.06.2017 18:17

My first 36-hole tournament of the year was at Torshälla this past weekend. I worked hard to be competetive at this event, and initially I seemed to have succeeded. During the practice round I hit the best tee shots I had hit in a long time. I started off the event with four pars, then birdie on the fifth, followed by two more pars. I was at one under par teeing off at the par 3 8th hole. It is a very basic hole, which I somehow managed to double-bogey. I then followed that up by hitting out of bounds on the 9th and another double was in the scorecard. After my second double, it was as if I had no good shots left in the bag. I started hitting my tee shots very inconsistently and suddenly my irons were going right. I finished with a birdie on 18 to shoot a high 78. The second day was probably one of my most "self-interrupted" tournament rounds ever. By that I mean that my mind was running at 100% all the time, and not in a good way. This I know now, after analyzing the tournament, comes from me having a basic thought in my swing that should prevent my back from starting to hurt, and then basing everything on that position and movement. This made me very stiff, and I had huge problems letting myself trust the body to just perform in the way that I know it's capable of. The result of all this was that the second round became a round where I felt like I was just never playing golf. Even so, I had awesome caddies both days trying to help me turn things around. My brother Rickard caddied the first day, and Marcus the second day. Thank you guys, and the rest of my family for coming out to watch.

Today I played an early practice round for my club team's national division tournament at Djursholm Golf Club. It was like day and night compared to yesterday, which just shows that it's not about the technique that I possess, but rather how I allow myself to trust my body to do what it knows how to do, or if I decide to interfere by thinking and steering the ball in unnatural ways. It's getting clearer to me where I need to spend my time when playing golf, and that is out on the course. It is a lot more fun to play on the course, and it is the shots out there, where you get one chance, that I need to work on right now. I still need to make sure that I don't drift too far away in my technique which could bother my hip. But it's on the course I need to be. 

Also, I have to congratulate my fiancé, Ellinor Haag, who played her first ever Symetra Tour event this weekend in Albany, New York. She made the cut in her very first start, and she is in the field for next week's event in Indiana. I am so proud of her and after all the hard work she has put in, she really deserves this opportunity. And I know she enjoyed having our awesome friends John and Jeff up there watching all three days. They are, simply put, awesome! 

For anyone who is interested in meeting both me and my superstar fiancé, a spot in hour sponsor tournament on August 10th is definitely for you. You can read more about this under the "Sponsor" tab on this website.

My next tournament will be Oakley Tour in Köping, a 36-hole event on June 18th. I am looking forward to it, and I am also looking forward to work on the things I need to work on to find my game again. Until next time!




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