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19.06.2017 17:45

I have not written here in a while now. In short, I have been a little down lately. The golf has been going bad, I have been injured a lot so I have not been able to practice the way I want, and I have identified myself completely as a golf player and nothing else. It's been this way for a while, and now it was just too much. After my last tournament at Torshälla I basically stopped practicing because my hip was hurting, and then I decided to accept a few days of job offerings at a kindergarden that I have worked at before, to get my mind on other things. Basically this meant that I did not practice much at all the past two weeks, but I have played a few rounds because that is the one thing I have still found some joy in. 

So I worked Tuesday through Thursday and by Friday morning I had a fever and sinus infection. Saturday I was meant to play a practice round at Köpings Golfklubb because I had a tournament there yesterday (Sunday). I still had a small fever Saturday morning but decided to go anyway and just walk the course. My friend Fredrik Lindgren joined me since he was going to stay with me at my brother Rickard's place in Köping. So he played the course and I just walked it and hit some putts. In the afternoon I still had some fever but it was starting to feel better. Oh, and my wrist had started hurting too, so my preparations were just perfect for this tournament. 

I woke up on Sunday, still with a sinus infection but no fever. I took a few alvedon (fever reducing medicine) that helped me through the day. And I couldn't have made it through the tournament without Rickard (who caddied the first round) and dad (who caddied the second) - it was a 36-hole one-day event. It was the best tournament I have played all year. I still hit a few shots that were really bad, but I hit plenty of good shots as well! I actually started off with two straight birdies. I then had a few bad holes and finished the first round at 73 (+3). The second round the wind really picked up and it was blowing hard. I started with a birdie second round too and I played very steady golf my first nine holes. I just had one crappy hole that led to a bogey. On the back I played pretty well too. Unfortunately I finished with a bad iron shot on the last hole and made a bogey to shoot 68. It wasn't the most difficult course I have played, but it was still a step in the right direction. My short game wasn't the best, which wasn't that big of a surprise maybe considering I haven't practiced much lately. However, my putting was as good as always. Didn't miss a putt inside six feet all day. I finished tied for 9th spot and I actually enjoyed playing golf yesterday. Mentally it was a lot better than recent rounds. 

On Thursday I have one more 36-hole event, at Sala-Heby Golfklubb. I tee off at 7.00 in the morning. I'm still not feeling 100 percent healthy so today I have just rested and tomorrow I'm hoping to be well enough to go to a Titleist Demo Event. On Wednesday I will play a practice round in Sala, and Thursday is the tournament. 



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