Sala Open and a Schedule Change

26.06.2017 15:01

Last week I followed up my best tournament so far this year with a not so good tournament in Sala. I started off nicely on the first, lipping out my putt for birdie.On hole two I did something that I have never done in a tournament, at least not as I can remember it. I hit two balls out of bounds, and then made a double bogey on my third ball, leading to a score of 11 on that hole. I have never experienced a score like this on a single hole, and I didn't know how to react to it. I found it very hard to focus initially following the big number. After a while I got back into it a little bit and at least played decent golf. The first round I finished at 8 over par, so except for the 11, I was 2-over. The second round started off badly and I had multiple 3-putts, which I usually don't have more than 1 every two rounds. I was 6 over par through 7 holes, and desperate to find something that could make me hit better golf shots, I started loosening my grip pressure. I found that to be exactly what I needed to do and played the last 11 holes at 1 under par. So, even though the scores were far away from what I am looking for, at least I found something to work on, and it felt good being "brave" enough to dare to loosen my grip pressure that much during a tournament.

After the tournament I went down to our summer house in Mjölby with all my family except for Henric. My grandma and my friend Erik also joined us down there. It was a good few days with good food, fishing, playing games inside and outside, and a round of windy golf at Vesterby, a really nice course in my opinion! I would definitely recommend playing it. The loose grip pressure worked pretty well there too and I hit plenty of good shots.

On short notice I found a ticket to the US, and since I feel like I needed a change of scenery and really want to caddie in a Symetra Tour event for my fiancé Ellinor, I decided to go. So now I am back in the states, and I will stay for two weeks. This means I will not play Saltsjöbadskannan at Saltsjöbaden Golfklubb. I am looking much forward to caddying and seeing some great golf! Of course I brought my own clubs so that I can practice some as well. 

And I am going to order a new set of irons. Hopefully they will be ready for me when I get back home to Sweden. I am finally getting a custom fitted set of irons with the right shaft for me!



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