Spain will be My Winter Home

08.09.2017 11:16

Tournament season is coming to an end. It has been a tough season mentally, and I've been struggling with my thought processes, decision making, and trust in my own game. I have also struggled to enjoy the game of golf in periods throughout the year. I have gotten tired of always having to fight so hard to stay in the game, and there lay the problem. I am trying, overthinking, and hoping that I can think and control my way to happiness and relaxation on the golf course. I have finally realized once and for all that I need to start working with my inner self, or mental game if you will, before any of my actual golf practice will give any results. I am a better player now then before in regard to my technique, my ability to hit different shots and my general knowledge about different techniques and when to use them. However, because I have lost connection to my inner self and trust toward myself, I cannot at the moment perform at the level that I deep inside know that I am capable of performing at. Thanks to this realization, I will be working hard on finding my way back to performing at the level I know I am capable of from now on. This will be my number one priority, and I will be working together with a mental coach to make sure that what I am doing is actually helping me. I don't need anymore doubts about what I need to do to advance in life and in my game. I am looking very much forward to this journey, and it feels good to have found something that I ultimately believe will have long-lasting effects on my golf game, and on my life in general.

Also, very soon I will be starting a new adventure in my working career. In just over ten days I will go to Spain, where I will be working for Golf Plaisir as a teaching professional and host at El Rompido golf course. I will fly back to play in the Nordic League qualifying school in October, but then I will go back again and stay until May. I am looking forward to this new opportunity that will excel my career in the right direction. It will, however, be tough to be without my fiancé and family over such an extended period of time. It will be hard work and a lot of culture adjustments, but I will get to stay at a great golf facility, meet plenty of new interesting people from all over Scandinavia, and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my golf. So if anyone feels like taking a golf trip this winter or next spring, consider El Rompido!

Here are some pictures from the last month. They are from Palm Springs, Askersund, and from my and Ellinor's American family's visit in Stockholm. 




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