The Warm Weather is Scaring the Snow Away

20.11.2016 18:17

Another week has flown by, which means Florida is one week closer. The week has been pretty much work every day followed by either hitting balls at the driving range at Årsta or a visit to Tullinge Gym. The golf swing is already pretty close to where I left it before my fall break from golf, and I have also seen a significant increase in my leg strength since then. Since this seems to be such a big contributor to the well-being and functioning of my hips, I have decided to work out my lower body at a proper gym more often and more regularly during next season then previous seasons. Me, Ellinor, and her father, Tomas, also watched an ice-hockey game with my favorite team - MoDo. They were playing the team that was dead last, but still managed to lose 6-3. It was fun to be live at an ice-hockey game again though.

This weekend one of my brothers, Henric, was at home. It was great seeing him again and spending some time together. It was also fun, him usually refusing to play golf, that he wanted to go and play nine holes at our short course yesterday. It's been above freezing temperatures these last few days and the snow is almost completely gone. Dad also came with us, and so did mom but without playing. It was a good and chilly day in the sun. This was followed by an afternoon gym session. Today it was time to go back to work, and because the temperature has been almost 10 degrees Celsius, I was going to go to hit balls at the range after work, but I somehow managed to injure my knee at work just walking along the hallway. This is so annoying, but what can you do other than stay positive and do your best to rehab.

I hope you all are doing good, and I want to send special wishes to my grandfather. We are thinking of you.



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