Two Days until US Open Qualifier

07.05.2017 00:25

TPC Prestancia will host my second showing of the US Open Local qualifying taking place on Monday (the 8th). I saw the course today for the first time, and I will play it again tomorrow to make sure I am fully prepared. Since the course did not have a strokesaver/courseguide I had to make my own. By now, I have most distances that I need, and I have drawn the greens with their slopes and grain. We will not be allowed to use rangefinders or other measuring devices, so that is why I have to make sure to have distances to the front of the green as well as from the tee box. 

Hole 9 at TPC Prestancia

The last couple of weeks I have been preparing for this event down in Verandah with my fiancé Ellinor. We have been very well taken care of down there, and we have gotten to play their beautiful course every day. The last couple of days I have been trying out some new clubs aswell, and I am considering changing out some clubs in the near future. As of now, however, I am good with what I have. I am really thankful to Verandah, since this trip would not have been anywhere close to this productive if had we not been able to practice and play there. And big thanks also to Johan and Debbie, for letting us stay in your condo in Fort Myers. We have really enjoyed our time there, it is absolutely beautiful.

Pictures from Verandah

It was Ellinor's birthday last Sunday, and then we decided to do some real tourist stuff. We went down to Marco Island, just south of Naples, where we went on a dolphin sightseeing trip. It was a great experience, and the dolphins actually followed the boat, playing in the waves that the boat engine created. We also got to stop at a remote beach with a lot of pretty sea shells After the trip we went to the beach and went for a swim, the dolphins playing only 20-40 metres away. 

Dolphins at Marco Island Sightseeing Tour

We also went down to see Mike Trimble, an EKU graduate who I got introduced to by my assistant coach Geo at EKU. We played beautiful Tiburon Golf Club with him, followed by a nice lunch. It was a great day with pretty weather, great golf, and even better company. Thank you Mike for having us!

Now we are once again back with Marcie and John in Sarasota, and for some reason I feel like they still haven't gotten tired of us. Tomorrow I am going to TPC Prestancia again to get ready to go on Monday. 




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