Do you want to join my support team, P's Army, and help me reach my dream of playing on the PGA Tour? As a professional golf player there are several expenses that pop up every season. All members of P's Army will contribute toward these expenses. Some examples are:


  • Airfare (back and forth to Sweden)

  • Registration fees for tournaments and web.com Tour qualifying school

  • Transportation costs (rental cars, fuel etc.)

  • Equipment (clubs, grips, apparel, balls, gloves, etc.)

  • Housing at tournaments

  • Training costs (to work with my golf coach and my mental coach)

  • Membership fees (golf club, gym, tour memberships)


P's Army US Options 

Below are some options as to what I can offer US members of P's Army. You can find my contact info at the bottom of the page.


  • Host housing for a few days in Sweden for travel enthusiasts (if it fits the schedule). If you take the time to come to Sweden during summer, I will definitely bring you to my beautiful golf club. If you come during winter, maybe we can go watch an ice-hockey game. Would you rather stay at a hotel, I would gladly tour you around Stockholm or whatever else that you would be interested in seeing or doing.

  • Play a round of golf together

  • Play a round together with your son/daughter or grandson/granddaughter

  • Send updates and golf videos/pictures so that you can follow my progress at a more personal level

  • Establish a regular contact and give you a first-hand view of a pro golfer's life

Anyone who contributes toward my expenses as a professional golfer will greatly impact the outcome of my career. I want to take my golf to the next level, and my big goal this year is to make it through the web.com Tour Q-school on my way to my final destination – The PGA Tour. However, since qualifying schools and events in general are very expensive, at this point I have to choose in which tournaments and qualifyings to compete. Therefore, anyone helping me by contributing financial funds, apparel or equipment sponsorships, or even airplane tickets would affect my possibilities in participating in more tournaments and qualifying events, boosting my chances of getting to the next level.

If you are interested in being a part of my professional golfing career, do not hesitate to contact me.



Patric Sundlöf

Sweden#: +46707535499
US#: +18593141625

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